Founded in 1928, the Tropical Preserving Company Inc. has always understood the importance of quality. In the early days of production, locals were hired daily to clean, pit, peel and prepare the fresh fruits for processing. Today, top quality selections of everything from grapes to strawberries are frozen fresh and then delivered directly from the growers to Tropical. Tropical accepts only U.S. Grade "A" fruits for its jams and preserves

Time-proven production techniques, combined with specialized equipment and on-line quality  control inspection of the jams and jellies, have resulted in Tropical's ability to provide the finest product lines available. Modern equipment, such as vacuum cookers, provide faster cooking times at lower temperatures. A high-speed piston filler, an automatic case packer and sealer contribute to Tropical's productivity and on-time shipments

Yet, striving for better efficiency has never taken the place of Tropical's dedication to quality. At Tropical, the two go hand-in-hand. The stainless steel cookers help to decrease cooking time and temperance, but help preserve vitamin content, prevent discoloration and help retain the natural flavor of the fruit products.

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